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No-see-um Ultra-Fine Netting Desert Camouflage pattern- 54" wide by the yard

SKU: $8.00
100% Durable Lightweight No-See-Um Fine (over 1,800 holes per sq. inch) Polyester Netting. Specifications: style -NZ11, content - 100% polyester, weight (oz./sq.yard) - .95+/-15%, wales (width)/inch - 28+/-4.5, courses (length)/inch - 43+/-6.5, thickness - .0078+/-.0015. High level of transparency. Designed to protect even against the smallest insects, camouflage pattern. Has a cross-stitch which prevents it from stretching. Best Chemical-Free protection against biting and stinging insects, such as: mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, spiders, ants, etc